The Story of Ama

Happy Birthday Ama! You inspire us to be better versions of ourselves and always encourage us to be passionate about the things we love. We are grateful for you everyday!

Ama, or love in Spanish, is a direct representation of Nancy. When she became a Grandmother, she was trying to teach her Granddaughter to say Grandma, and she could only say Ama. Nancy absolutely loved this because Grandma sounded old fashioned, and Ama was short, sweet and meant love so it stuck. When Mark and Nancy were naming the company, they wanted to include love in every aspect of it, so Nancy's name Ama was a perfect fit to brand with the company.  

The story of Ama begins in the 1980s when Nancy decided to move from Los Angeles to the Dominican Republic. While there, she had 4 beautiful daughters and raised them in the Dominican Republic so they could be bilingual and grow up in an incredible place. Once her children were older, she decided she needed to move back to the United States and settle down in Oregon. 

After one of her daughters married a Dominican man, he introduced Nancy and her family to Casabi. He explained how it was a staple in a traditional Dominican diet, and many people there eat it in place of bread. She completely fell in love with this crunchy, delicious flatbread and would fill her suitcase with it every time she visited the Dominican Republic and bring it back to her home in Oregon. It was then that she realized there was an untapped market in the United States for Casabi Flatbread, so she took it to Wholefoods to tell them about the product. Wholefoods was extremely interested in the product but Nancy had no experience with running a business and was sad that she couldn't demonstrate the various health benefits to the people of the United States. Considering the flatbread is vegan, gluten free, and delicious, it makes it ideal for so many people who struggle with different dietary restrictions. It's truly the food that loves you due to the resistant starch in Yucca root that acts like a natural prebiotic. 

It was then that Nancy met Mark. On their second date, Nancy showed Mark the Casabi and he absolutely loved it. He loved all of the health benefits, and with his experience in business it was a match made in heaven. Later, Mark and Nancy were married and started Ama's Gluten Free Foods, which they named after Ama so just like their relationship, there could be love in all of the products. We enjoy being able to share our passion with you all, and hope you enjoy the product! 

Thank you all for your support in our company, and Happy Birthday Ama!


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