This Gluten Free Flatbread Only Has One Ingredient

It’s hard to believe that I discovered this by accident.

My name is Nancy Luby Arriaza. My family and I lived in the Dominican Republicfrom 1986 through 1991 and I have continued to go several times a year to visit my family.

The reason I am telling you this is because that’s where my son-in-law introduced me to Casabi.

That’s how I “found” it.

I say “found” it, but really I was eating Casabi all the time…

  • at small cafes
  • buying crackers and flatbread from local road-side shops
  • in farmer markets

…the whole time I was there.

I just didn’t know that it was all made from the same plant!

Casabi is a gluten free flatbread and is made with the Yucca root, which is grown in the Dominican Republic.

What I Didn’t Know Until Later

We all ate Casabi because we loved it!

When I went to visit, I would always bring several packages home with me, and use it sparingly to make it last.

But here’s what I didn’t know… Casabi is:

  • Completely Gluten Free – even for people with severe gluten sensitivity.
  • Wheat free and produced in wheat-free facilities.
  • Only made with 1 ingredient, Yucca.

I had always been gluten-intolerant and I ate Casabi because it was a bread I could eat and still feel great!

At the time, I didn’t know it was the gluten that was making me feel ill.

Casabi Only Has One Ingredient: Yucca

Its production and consumption go back to pre-hispanic times, and it is made of yucca, or manioc, also known as bitter yucca (Manihot esculenta).

Yucca is projected to be one of the 4 most popular superfoods of 2017!

Due to its properties of preservation, yucca was one of the fundamental sources of nourishment for the native population in northern South America, it was part of the traditional Taino diet, the native inhabitants of the Caribbean.

Casabi Flatbread – A Better Gluten Free Alternative

Great for baking and covering with your favorite spreads and jams, or dipped in olive oil and garlic or balsamic vinegar. It’s a wonderful alternative for pizza dough or flatbread sandwiches. My favorite is brushing it with olive oil and a little salt and pepper and baking it until it’s just lightly toasted and then eating it with roasted garlic.

What will you do with your Casabi?

Get Your Superfood in a Flatbread

Casabi is a gluten free flatbread, made in a wheat free facility from a single ingredient, Yucca!

Discover the newest superfood, Casabi, imported from the Dominican Republic by Ama’s Gluten Free Foods.

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